Relative Happiness

There's no recipe for love

An award-winning romantic comedy

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Review at Whistler Film Festival

Relative Happiness (3/4): Adorable beyond words, Lexie (a terrific Melissa Bergland) runs a bed & breakfast in a small Nova Scotia village and despite running a great B&B and having the most adorable smile, she is still unlucky at finding a boyfriend, and having even more trouble trying to secure a date to her sister’s wedding. What is Lexie to do? In walks a man who stays at her B&B and despite thinking a relationship is building, there’s a lot more under the surface that Lexie is unaware of. What starts out as a simple premise develops into a surprisingly moving dramatic story involving all of Lexie’s troubled family and friends, and the nice relationship that builds between her and a somewhat-drifter (Aaron Poole, star of last year’s THE ANIMAL PROJECT) who fixes Lexie’s broken roof. I was fearing the worst in the first twenty minutes or so, but once it kicks in we see the sharp writing based off of Lesley Crewe’s novel and Deanne Foley’s lovely direction. This is a sweet and enormously likable film that becomes surprisingly lean and memorable by the end. Well worth checking out on the big screen too, for the lovely Nova Scotia visuals. I hope to crash at that B&B one day. (Jason Whyte, eFilmCritic, Dec 2014)